Are Micro-Entrepreneurship a Solution?

Are Micro-Entrepreneurship a Solution?

“So many of our dreams, at first seem impossible, and then they seem improbable. And then, when we summon the will, the same become inevitable” Christopher Reeve.

Recently I read news that in Uttar Pradesh, for 368 peon positions, the government received 23.3 lakh applications. My own experience that for  one post of Civil engineer within 4 hours of putting the advertisement on the site we received 200 applications. Govt says that there aren’t enough jobs for our Engineers. Further Job Seekers face forced   migration- end up with broken families, slavery, trafficking etc

Entrepreneurships and startups have become part and parcel of young people’s life in India today. There is a need to nurture this culture to build an ecosystem to support and mentor them. With this objective Young  Entrepreneurs Summit  is being organized on the occasion of Global Entrepreneurs Week 2017 from 18 to 20th of November in Pune.

The purpose of this summit is to engage with young people or new ideas and to help them towards entrepreneurial growth. Every idea should be allowed to be blossomed, nurtured and mentored so that they stand up to maximize wealth and job creation in society. There is an imperative need to invest in them, nurture to support and mentor them to ensure successful business and social enterprises.

India having large number of young people, still faces many barriers in promoting entrepreneurship. Rural and urban poor lack of awareness, encouragement and even face negative social attitudes. Present education and training programmes generally do not do enough to nurture entrepreneurial attitudes and skills.  Lack of prior work and entrepreneurship experience is a major determinant to business startup and entrepreneurship performance. Entrepreneurship Incubation and Entrepreneurship Summit in Pune aims to reach to the unreached people and  promotes their dreams and business ideas.

Mathew Mattam, is a youth activist and working for the livelihood options for the youth in India. 


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